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Terms & Conditions of using (https://soso-im.com/)  website

This website is operated by "SOSOIM", which conducts its business under the name of SOSOIM, a limited liability company that has been duly regulated by the laws of the State of Kuwait.

The website is provided to you for your personal use, subject to the terms and conditions and any other rules placed on the website (including the privacy policy) (“terms and conditions”).

By visiting the website, you agree to abide by and agree to comply with, and agree to the practices stipulated in, these terms and conditions, which govern your access to and use of the website and all content and functions available on the website (or any other electronic websites and smaller websites. Related which are accessed through my https://soso-im.com/ address and any related domain names or services

If you wish to use our services, you must read and agree to abide by our policies regarding those services. Our policies regarding terms of purchase and our privacy policy are brought to your attention. If you are under the age of 18, you must allow your parents or legal guardian to know our privacy policy before you registers to use this website or any of the services.

We grant you a personal, non-transferable and revocable license to use the software that is provided to you by us as part of the website, for the sole purpose of enabling you to use and benefit from our services, as provided by "SOSOIM" as permitted by the terms and conditions. Commercial use or use on behalf of any third party is prohibited, except as expressly permitted by us in writing and in advance. Any breach of these terms and conditions leads to an immediate cancellation of the license granted in this paragraph without prior notice to you, and without prejudice to any other rights of " SOSOIM ".

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